We provide resources, events, and a growing community to prepare women in high school to be the leaders of the global workforce of tomorrow. 


Are you a leader or creative thinker in  high school?

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Our Approach

In a recent TEDx talk, Reshma Saujani pointed out that from a young age, boys are taught to be brave while girls are raised to be perfect. Starting a business involves taking risks and being bold, an idea often instilled in growing boys, not girls.

Women around the world are less likely to consider entrepreneurship as a career path, largely because they do not see other women entrepreneurs as role models.

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We are targeting this problem with a makeathon and community for young women.

By providing mentorship and resources to aspiring innovators, we hope to build

the next generation of female founders.

How To Get Involved

High school students who are creative thinkers, makers, and leaders:

Register for our next entrepreneurship makeathon and join our community here.

Female founders interested in giving back and mentoring future change-makers:

Email contact@generationshe.co to volunteer as a mentor or speaker.

Partners who are interested in getting involved and supporting our mission:

Email contact@generationshe.co to learn how to be a partner.


Hear from our makeathon attendees

"I now have the courage and knowledge to start my own brand"

"I learned that I have potential in being a female leader. I gained self confidence and happiness working with these girls."

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Our Everyone Mantra

Generation She is accepting of all gender identities and expressions. Period.


Our mission is to change the gender gap in the current entrepreneurship landscape, and we hope to do so by empowering and educating young women. This includes all women, cis or trans, and all non-binary and gender nonconforming young people. We are not an organization that only empowers cis-gendered young women; there is space for everyone at our table.


The goal is to change the face of entrepreneurship, to use leadership and self-starting attitudes to do good for the world. In order to do this, Generation She's community and events work to be safe spaces for all gender identities. We have room for you, your ideas, and your voice.

Generation She encourages and values diversity in background, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, self expression, physicality, ability, neuro-divergence, economic status, and educational background. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, queer-phobia, hateful language, ableism, bigotry, body shaming, or intolerance of any kind.