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Welcome to the Gen She Scout Program — your gateway to the venture capital and startup ecosystem! This dynamic and ongoing program provides hands on experience, insights, and exposure to venture capital investing, connecting you to the pulse of global innovation and investment.

Applications are currently closed, please check back again in 2025!

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what does


a Scout


Kickstart your VC Career

With venture capital, the sooner you start, the better! Starting early to build a track record of picking successful startups is the surest way of building your reputation to eventually secure a venture capital role.

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Earn Equity in Startups without Investing Your $$$

You can earn a share in the startups you scout! If our partner VC funds decide to invest, you can earn a share of the investment without having your own funds to invest directly (just like a VC partner).

Build Your Network and Community

As a Scout, you have a front-row seat to interesting startups! Reach out, network, and build your community in the venture ecosystem.

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Help Friends Get Funded

Are you starting a company or have friends who are? Becoming a venture scout is a great way to share deal flow with your network.

Promote Equity and Inclusion

With more access comes more opportunity! Help us expand access to venture capital dollars to under-represented entrepreneurs.

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12 weeks

20 scouts

2 hrs/ week

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Program Details

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be extended an invitation to become an official Gen She Scout.

About the Program

Gen She is a media company with 200K+ women in technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. Our global network is more than a community; it's a powerhouse of inspiration, support, and mentorship.

We’ve partnered with women-led venture capital funds (thanks to Y&Z Ventures!) to launch the Gen She Scout Program, giving YOU the power to find the NEXT BIG THING. As a scout in the Gen She Scout Program, you’ll leverage your acumen and network to spot emerging talent and technology and recommend potential investment opportunities.

Participating in the Gen She Scout Program offers a pivotal experience for those looking to break into the venture capital industry, providing a crucial stepping stone towards becoming a seasoned investor or venture capitalist by fostering hands-on experience and invaluable industry connections.


No prior traditional VC experience required! Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Passionate Learner — Demonstrate a genuine passion for continuous learning and staying informed about evolving startup landscape, investment opportunities, and market dynamics.

  • Adaptable Innovator — Thrives in dynamic environments and embraces change, showing resilience and adaptability.

  • Market Insight Enthusiast — Enjoys staying up to date on market trends, competitor landscapes, and industry news to contribute valuable insights during the scouting and due diligence processes.

  • Effective Communicator — Articulates ideas clearly and concisely, fostering strong relationships with entrepreneurs, founders, and broader startup community.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit — Demonstrates an entrepreneurial mindset, with a keen interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by early-stage ventures.

  • Relationship Builder — Builds and nurtures relationships with founders, startup teams, and industry influencers, fostering a network that enhances the scouting capabilities of the venture capital team.

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