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through an exclusive network of the best female software engineering, product design, and marketing talent.

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Don’t spend time finding and sifting through talent.

We have 16K+ total members in our pipeline today and this number is rapidly growing! We get 1700+ new applicants to the Generation She program every month! Only 1% of our applicants are accepted onto our platform.


And stay for an average of 2.5 years.

Candidates who accept full-time offers with our customers get access to a private network of other top female talent, professional development, and peer coaching. Save your time and energy focusing on your high-priority tasks and leave it to us to keep your employee happy and supported.


Our talent accepts offers 95% of the time.

Early career women value community and mentorship over base pay especially in traditionally male-dominated spaces in tech. Our program hosts the largest community of Gen Z women with an extensive mentorship program. This attracts a unique pool of talent who end up choosing our customers over Big Four and Tech Giants.


We have worked with companies like…

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Some of the candidates we have placed

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Software Engineering @Ace

Stripe, Cornell

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User Research @Cliquerie


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Product Design @Celery

USC, Microsoft

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Brand Strategy @Chill Pill


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Product Marketing @Jones

Duke, Bain

how it works

1. Tell us who you’re looking for, your timeline to hire, and your hiring goal.

2. We will shortlist top, pre-qualified candidate leads for your role.

3. If you’re interested in a candidate, we will intro you to them and help you schedule an interview.

4. Hire them part-time or full-time for short-term or long-term.

5. Candidates who accept full-time positions get access to Gen She’s private membership network of other top female talent & mentorship.

“I’ve had a great experience with Gen She where I got matched to Project Invent due to my interests in education, technology, and startups where I was able to further my interests in product by learning more about innovation through Project Invent’s programs and their vast volunteer network of working professionals. I am super grateful to Gen She for helping me dive deeper into my professional and personal goals of doing valuable work for a high impact start-up and have enjoyed the process of finding a great internship through a streamlined application, matching, and interview process.”

Eleanor Pae, PM at Project Invent, Prev Microsoft, UCLA


  • When will I receive an interview?
    You may hear back as soon as within the week or as late as a few months later. The timing of when you hear back from us depends on the number of companies we partner with, the number of applicants we receive, and your own interests and experience. This means that not everyone will receive an interview, and the timing of when you receive an interview is not a reflection of your qualifications.
  • Are the roles online or in-person?
    Most of the positions offered are remote, but it depends on the company. When offered an interview from a company, they will indicate their preference: remote, hybrid, or in-person.
  • Will I be able to choose from a list of start-ups?
    No, but we do take your interests and skills into consideration and then use that to generate the best matches for you. Ultimately, you get to decide which offers to accept!
  • What do you get if you accept a full-time offer with one of our startup partners?
    Candidates who accept full-time offers with one of our partners get access to a private network of top-tier female talent. This puts you on track to accelerate your career growth and bootstrap your professional network with other Gen Z women poised to lead the future tech industry.
  • What does the application process look like?
    The full application process includes a written application (here), an interview with the startup(s) you are matched to, and, in some cases, a preliminary contract position before being given a formal full-time offer to ensure that you’re a good fit for the company.
  • Do I have to be attending university to apply?
    No, it’s not a requirement to apply. However, most companies are looking for people with prior experience in the role that they are applying for. Pursuing or having a college degree is not necessary for some roles, but can be advantageous to have!
  • Who can apply?
    Be a female-identifying individual looking for a full-time position at a tech startup.
  • Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?
    No, you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to apply. However, note that it is up to the company to sponsor a work visa, etc. if your position is in-person or hybrid.
  • Product Management
    Lead the development, planning, and execution of a top tech startup’s product. Work with cross-functional teams to ensure that the products meet customer needs and company goals.
  • Engineering
    Design, implement, and deliver on high-impact projects at scale, whether that's building a landing page or a mobile app.
  • Product Design
    Use design tools, such as Figma and Adobe Creative Suite, to create meaningful high fidelity prototypes. Develop impactful websites, apps, and style guides using research based, human-centric design methods.
  • Marketing
    Create and develop bold marketing strategies and campaigns for the hottest Gen Z brands on TikTok and Instagram.
  • How are we able to compete with candidates that have offers at other Big Tech companies?
    If you're wondering how we're able to attract such a unique pool of talent, it's because candidates who accept offers with us get membership access to a private network of other top female talent & mentorship, an experience they can't buy access into without placement at one of our customer’s companies :)
  • Can I acknowledge Generation She as a partner on my website/careers page?
    Yes! We encourage you to showcase that you have partnered with us to achieve your hiring goals. This shows others that you’re committed to diversity and care about building a female-positive workforce and culture. Just contact us, and we can provide you with the right logo/materials.
  • Why is it better to have early career talent at my company?
    Top new grad talent demand cheaper salaries, yet output at equal or greater performance than average, mid-level talent. Moreover, this incoming generation, Gen Zers, know the ins and outs of the trends and appeals of the current market, making them critical for business. User testing and strategic consulting are built into every role. Moreover, young talent is more digitally nimble and better at learning things they don’t know. They understand what needs to be done with minimal explanation compared to offshore talent or short-term freelancers/contractors and have a higher likelihood to fit into your company’s culture and goals long-term.
  • How can I afford to think about diversity as a resource strapped startup?
    Diversity becomes a high-cost challenge at scale so it’s important for companies to think about it from day one. We’re specifically focused on making it easy for startups to think about this early in their journey without compromising on their talent bar or paying more than they would to hire any other top talent. We are focused on this niche audience of Gen Z women because we understand them and their needs the best to successfully help startups without high salaries or brand prestige attract top talent. Unlike other existing talent solutions, we are equally committed to matching you with the best talent for your needs as we are to helping you close and retain the candidate you want in the long run.
  • We already have access to candidates. Why should we get candidates from your network?
    With a <1% acceptance rate into our network, we’re able to supply your company with a level of female talent you can’t find anywhere else. Every month, we get over 1700+ applicants who want to work for companies that partner with Generation She to gain access to our events and our vibrant global community of ambitious women to learn and grow with. When you offer early career talent professional development, mentorship, and community, they view their role at your company at a much higher value than what you pay them and see your offer as comparable to their existing offers at Big Tech companies! Moreover, giving them this meaningful experience encourages them to stay long term at your company resulting in lower turnover, cost effective future recruiting, and most importantly, more competitive talent at your company. The truth is, early startups and small teams have a lot of sh*t to do. You don’t have the resources or time to bootstrap intern programs and HR managers to brand their programs and secure the same competitive talent that university programs at Facebook and Google can secure. However, even though you have small budgets right now, you still need great talent! We want to help support you in that goal.
  • How do you screen and select candidates and what is our involvement?
    We recruit and vet students through a comprehensive application. We look for technical skills, appropriate past experience, interests, and enthusiasm in our reviewal process. Our team conducts a preliminary screening before introducing you to your best matches. Your matches will not only be qualified and experienced, but also passionate about achieving your company’s goals and working by its values. You get to screen our referrals before moving forward and you ultimately decide who joins your team.
  • What services will Generation She be responsible for?
    We will take care of gathering applicants, interviewing, and sourcing the best talent for you. We ensure that all candidates who join your team long-term are receiving a supported and valued experience so they are more likely to accept your offer and stay at your company! We do this by investing in their professional development via coaching, mentorship, and like-minded community. This helps our customers easily retain employees in the long run and gain positive traction for future recruitment efforts. If after using our product, you’re unsatisfied with your matches, we are happy to give you a full refund.
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About Generation She

Our mission is to build the next generation of female tech talent by investing specifically in this generation of women, Gen Z'ers. Gen Z women are a powerful group of digital natives, driven by what is right, and have the passion to make change happen.

Ultimately, we envision the women that make up the Gen She community today leading the powerful tech workforce of tomorrow — one that is female-positive. We plan to be at the forefront of this movement and we want YOU to join us in our mission.

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