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About Gen She

Note from our founder

Having worked for various tech companies and always being the only female on the team, I was compelled to personally reassess the lack of gender diversity in technology. While many companies have already addressed this with numerous diversity initiatives for recruiting more women, only 20% of women hold these tech jobs. While this bottom-up approach is essential, we remain far from achieving a gender balance in leadership positions and our general workforce. Worse, every day fewer women and non-binary people are starting their own companies due to a variety of factors stemming from an absence of moral support and guidance at a young age, an understanding of entrepreneurial risks, and a lack of resources to pursue an idea. 
Culture shifts start from the top. I believe that if we approach this problem top-down as well, with a goal to have more women and non-binary people leading companies, the workplace culture will naturally shift towards improved diversity. With this approach, we can more rapidly attain gender balance in the workplace.


The Gen She Team

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She Leads

In 2018, Generation She was founded under the name She Leads and hosted our first entrepreneurship makeathon at Snapchat HQ in Los Angeles. There is a lot of testing that goes into building a product. She Leads was our beta, and it went incredibly well.


So we took She Leads, built upon it with everything we learned, and we give you: Generation She. We’ve grown a lot since our beginning, and She Leads’ mission still drives us. But if you scroll back in our insta, or see some cute periwinkle and pink branding, that was us! We’ve just grown up.


Our Everyone Mantra

Generation She is accepting of all gender identities and expressions. Period.


Our mission is to change the gender gap in the current entrepreneurship landscape, and we hope to do so by empowering and educating young women. This includes all women, cis or trans, and all non-binary and gender nonconforming young people. We are not an organization that only empowers cis-gendered young women; there is space for everyone at our table.


The goal is to change the face of entrepreneurship, to use leadership and self-starting attitudes to do good for the world. In order to do this, Generation She's community and events work to be safe spaces for all gender identities. We have room for you, your ideas, and your voice.

Generation She encourages and values diversity in background, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, self expression, physicality, ability, neuro-divergence, economic status, and educational background. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, queer-phobia, hateful language, ableism, bigotry, body shaming, or intolerance of any kind.