Student Biz Marketplace

Sowmya Photography

Sowmya Renukuntla

As someone who is passionate about business and photography, I decided to start selling my pictures as a way to combine both of my interests. I’ve always loved capturing memories through my phone and hope to share them with others in this way.

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GiftNGive Shoppe

Zoe Fang

I started my business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends and family are apart from each other so what better way to wish them a get well, happy birthday, just because, etc. than sending them a small gift box or digital drawing to remind them how much they mean to you and a good throwback memory.



Armita Hosseini

A series of experiences in my daily life, ranging from peers in my high school discussing the need for financial education to adults describing the financial burdens they faced as a result of inadequate knowledge, has inspired me to increase access to financial education on a global scale. I believe that financial education is about more than just a number on a bank account; it’s improving the quality of others’ lives. In today’s evolving world, I can do that by combining my passion for entrepreneurship and education, to create products, businesses, and events that have a lasting impact on others’ lives.



Patricia Chan

It's always been a dream of mine to run my own business. I have loved art my entire life, and after I discovered my passion for fashion in middle school, my dream transitioned to my own clothing brand. Early in my junior year, I decided to take action and taught myself about graphic design and drawing digitally. From there forward, I took older ideas and combined them with new ideas to create my clothing mock-ups. While starting a legal sole proprietorship, I learned about manufacturing, customer service, and the intricacies regarding the creation and maintenance of an online business.


Charms to See Change

Harshitha Pandian

I have been making jewelry for the past 4 years and now I want to use my talent to help others. I love working with wire and wanted to somehow use my jewelry to positively affect people around me. For this reason, I created: Charms to See Change. All profits from every single product that is sold will be going to different organizations. Right now, we will be donating towards four different organizations: Partners in Health, an organization that helps the underprivileged gain the right to advanced medical care; NAACP legal defense and educational fund to help with the Black Lives Matter Movement; the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation to help with the Yemen Crisis, and National Girls Collaborative Project to ensure all girls have access to STEM resources to deepen their interest in these topics.


Nostalgia Junkie

Lia Fernandez-Grinshpun

Two years ago, I discovered vintage clothing and immediately fell in love. Since I already was spending a large chunk of my time sourcing unique and beautiful pieces, I decided to start a reselling business last year. I sell both individual items and "Mystery Style Bundles", primarily on Depop.


Love Chu Designs

Kaitlyn Chu

Smiling From Ear to Ear is a cute, colorful picture book that shows friendly animal characters wearing face masks when they go to the park, the store, the doctor's office and more. It's made with love for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, teachers and anyone who interacts with young children and wants to make wearing face masks less frightening and more normalized for common activities. By supporting this children's book and its important message, you'll also be supporting the No Kid Hungry Campaign and the Black Women in Visual Art organization, schools, and other organizations serving children and youth.

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Jess Fong

My motivation for creating my shop partially was because I wanted to do something that kept me busy, but what I really enjoy about having a business is being able to package my orders knowing an actual person is going to receive it; it just makes me so happy. Also, recently, I made a commitment to donate part of my profits to the Surfrider Foundation! I’m very eco-conscious in my day-to-day life, and I wanted to bring that to my business. I use minimal packaging, while also doing my best to create a worthwhile experience for the customer.


Global Impact

Anushree Marimuthu

Global Impact is a newly founded and youth-led community service group (that hopes to be a non-profit in the future)! Our mission is to bring awareness to issues that we find prevalent in both our community and across the globe. We wanted another way to fundraise in order to host more community service events as well as workshops; this was the beginning of our Redbubble! 100% of the profits that is earned through our Redbubble will go back into helping our community as well as other global issues that need to be resolved.



Arshia Narula

Groundify is an innovative social enterprise that promotes a circular economy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by repurposing spent coffee grounds to become a catalyst for new products rather than becoming a harmful pollutant in landfills. In September 2019, I was invited to play the saxophone in Austria. As I was touring many cities, I noticed that Vienna was a landfill-free society despite its popular coffee culture. This began to spark a curiosity on my way back home as I realized the importance of moving my community towards a landfill-free society. This motivated me to launch my social venture, Groundify.


Ataraxia Shop

Khushi Sharma

My friend and I started this business during quarantine because we were bored and wanted to be productive. We didn't expect it to do so well, but here we are with almost 200 orders in the last 4 months. We always donate a part of our proceeds every month to a different charity. Our products are extremely unique and really cute as well.