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Makeathon FAQ

What sets the Gen She Makeathon apart?

Colleges like Stanford, Yale, UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, and USC are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into entrepreneurship and creativity on their campuses. The students filling these innovative programs and spaces are (unsurprisingly) mostly male. We're here to nurture entrepreneurial spirit within high school girls by providing a foundation for idea exploration and implementation through workshops in design, coding, marketing, and many other real industry skills. We cultivate community throughout the year with exclusive access to mentorship for makeathon attendees and an online platform for girls to meet female founders, discuss solutions, and dream big with one another. There is no better way for girls to prepare for the future (senior year of high school, college, and beyond) than to harness their intellectual power and channel it into something extraordinary. Gen She encourages young women to take the leap and create their own “something.”

Do I have to come to the makeathon with an idea prepared?

Nope! The brainstorming sessions with industry leaders on the first day were made to help you with the ideation process. If this process is intimidating, don’t fret! Come to the Makeathon with a list of your interests (books, movies, works of art, anything!) and from here you’ll be able to figure out what you’re truly passionate about!

Are makeathons overnight?

No, makeathons are not overnight events! Sessions end on 5pm each day and you must be picked up by a legal parent or guardian.

If I don’t attend the first day, can I still come for the rest of the makeathon?

Due to the nature of the prep work throughout our ideation activities, we will not allow girls to attend only one day of the event. Each of our work sessions build upon the one before it, and thus we require attendance at all events on both days.

Do I need to have previous entrepreneurship experience?

Absolutely not! The purpose of a Makeathon is to develop the necessary and technical skills you need to not only come up with an idea but to make that idea a reality.

Do I have to be in high school?

Exceptions for students who are not in high school can be made. Please reach out to us at

What do I need to bring to the event?

Please bring your laptop, device charger, notebook, and layers in case it gets cold!

Are scholarships available?

Yes! Generation She will sponsor a limited number of scholarships covering the full price of your ticket.

How do I become a Generation She Ambassador and what are the benefits?

In order to join the Generation She Ambassador program, you must complete the google form and Google Classroom onboarding process. By joining this program, you will gain access to exclusive opportunities, gain leadership experience, and network with other passionate ambassadors.

What’s the dress code?

Smart casual! Think, “jeans and a nice top.”

Who can attend the makeathon?

Read our Everyone Mantra to learn more about our makeathon culture.