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Check out our agenda below!

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VIPS get a fuller makeathon experience with Gen She swag, personalized mentorship, insider knowledge on career paths you're interested in, and close collaboration with the Gen She team and other attendees. The VIP admission is focused on helping you, and your ideas thrive during this makeathon.

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All ambassadors receive 40% off a VIP makeathon ticket, access to ambassador-only events, and exclusive Gen. She resources (first dibs on mentorship, networking events, priority consideration for internships, and more).


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Get a Gen She swag box with the purchase of a VIP Makeathon ticket!

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Makeathon FAQs

What sets the Gen She Makeathon apart?

We're here to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit within high schoolers by providing a foundation for idea exploration and implementation through workshops in real industry skills. We cultivate community throughout the year with exclusive access to mentorship for makeathon attendees and an online community for girls to meet female founders, discuss solutions, and dream big with one another. There is no better way for girls to prepare for the future (senior year of high school, college, and beyond) than to harness their intellectual curiosity and channel it into something extraordinary. Gen She encourages young people to take the leap and create their own “something.”

Do I have to come to the makeathon with an idea prepared?

Nope! The workshops with industry leaders on the first day are made to inspire and help you with the ideation process. If this process is intimidating, don’t fret! Come to the makeathon with a list of your interests (books, movies, works of art, anything!) and from here you’ll be able to figure out what you’re truly passionate about! VIP ticket holders will be able to work with their mentor 1:1 to determine and develop their idea.

Do I need to have previous entrepreneurship experience?

Absolutely not! Throughout the two days, the speaker sessions and workshops will help you develop the necessary and technical skills you need to not only come up with an idea but to make that idea a reality. VIP ticket holders will be able to take these skills they learned and ask their mentors for questions or feedback in real-time.


Do I have to be in high-school?

Nope! Feel free to enjoy/attend the event at your own pace! However, only high schoolers will be able to participate in the pitch competition at the end of the makeathon.

How do VIP ticket holders access the event?

VIP ticket holders will join the Zoom webinar as attendees. They can interact with the host and the panelists through the Q&A and the chat.

How do general admission ticket holders access the event?

General admission ticket holders will be able to watch each event live via a youtube stream, but will not be able to interact with the speakers or the other attendees.

What do I need to bring to the event?

Please bring any device to tune into, a charger, and a stable wifi spot!

Can I work individually or do I need a team?

You definitely don't need a team! Feel free to work on any idea solo or with a group. If your team wins a prize, you will have to divide it up accordingly. Do whatever feels best for you.

How do I become a Generation She Ambassador and what are the benefits?

Please apply at: All ambassadors will receive 40% off the early bird price of the VIP makeathon ticket and access to exclusive Generation She resources.

I can't come last minute or for the full event, what do I do?

VIP ticket holders get access to the full recording of the event after so you can just purchase a ticket and watch it later on your own time!

What if I can’t afford the VIP ticket?
There are two options: 1) Apply to be an ambassador and receive 40% off your VIP ticket! 2) If you are still unable to afford the new price, you can email us at and tell us why you want to attend, what you hope to get out of the makeathon, along with your current financial situation, and we may decide to sponsor you!

Do I have to enter the pitch competition?
Nope! This is a totally optional aspect of our makeathon experience (only open to high school students). If you are only interested in hearing from the speakers and attending workshops, that’s perfectly fine as well!

When will my swag box come?
Due to COVID-19 shipping delays, we can’t give an accurate estimate. However, if you don’t get it in a few weeks after the makeathon pls reach out!

Do the college scholarship prizes apply to all schools?
The scholarship prizes are only for those who win the pitch competition but can be applied to any school of your choice!

What do I do if I’m VIP ticket holder but my other teammates aren’t?
It’s not possible for VIP ticket holders to team up with GA ticket holders because as a VIP you will receive mentorship (along with many more perks) to help you with your business that we can’t apply to the entire team. You can get your entire team to get VIP tickets though!

For more information about the makeathon or our ambassador program, please reach out to us at