How does one become a stellar member, AKA Generator, of the Generation She Community? 🌟

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Discord Tips

Discord Guidelines

Embrace our
Community Core Values

Hospitality: Make space, and others feel welcome.

Generosity: Share opportunities and resources, and offer help without expecting something in return. 🤝

Growth mindset: We’re all in different stages of personal and idea development, let’s help each other grow. And always remember, everyone is on their way. ✨

Kindness: Go out of your way to bring joy to others! 💕 Gassing up others, vulnerability, and genuine compliments are all welcome + encouraged.

Speak thoughtfully

We have several hundred members in our Discord community, and it's important that everyone is kind and respectful towards each other. 🥰 We encourage discussion and differences in opinions or values, but please be mindful of others when you post, respond, and react. Content that does not follow community guidelines will be removed.

No downvoting

Don't thumbs down other people's responses, even if they appear to be mean or aggressive. Our moderators are here to take care of it. If you see something that concerns you, please let us know in the #✍️suggestions-and-questions channel or DM a core team member.

Remember our Everyone Mantra

Generation She’s mission is to change the gender gap in the current entrepreneurship landscape, and we hope to do so by empowering and educating future leaders and trailblazers. This includes all women, cis or trans, and all non-binary and gender nonconforming young people.


Our goal is to change the face of entrepreneurship, using leadership and self-starting attitudes to enact positive change. We acknowledge that the intersection of many historical and institutional barriers—including racial bias and discrimination—play a role in the lack of diversity we see in business, entrepreneurship, and leadership today. Generation She aims to tackle this issue by fostering innovation and ideation in individuals who are historically underrepresented in these fields.


Generation She encourages and values diversity in background, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, self-expression, physicality, ability, neuro-divergence, economic status, and educational background. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, queer-phobia, hateful language, ableism, bigotry, body shaming, or intolerance of any kind.


We welcome anyone who identifies as female regardless of assignment at birth. We also welcome anyone who identifies as non-binary or gender nonconforming and wants to be in a mainly female-identified environment. There is space for everyone at our table who aligns with our brand and mission. We welcome you, your ideas, and your voice into our community.

Have fun!

This Discord community is an open space for you to make friends, learn new things, and share your thoughts! You'll get the most out of it when you're an active member, so don't be afraid to jump into a conversation or post something new.


We want to know who you are! Make sure to use your full name and add a photo of yourself. 👤


In the #verify channel, be sure to read through all the rules and guidelines. At the end of the channel, click on the 💃 emoji from the MEE6 to get access to the rest of the server!

Get Roles

Don’t forget to visit the #🎢get-roles channel to access exclusive channels based on your interests! React to bot polls to join channels ranging from entrepreneurship & business to skincare & beauty!

Get Rewards

Check out the # 🎁rewards channel to learn how to level up your Generator status, get access to new community channels, and win exclusive prizes such as our Digital Entrepreneurship Planner or merch! View your level by typing !rank in the #🥇ranks channel.

Give us Feedback

Have a suggestion or want to ask us a question? Feel free to privately DM any core team member or let us know in the #✍️ suggestions-and-questions channel. (For example, "Can we have a #fashion channel?")

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