College Clubs

Join us in creating entrepreneurship opportunities for high school students in your local community!

Become a leader and directly impact the next generation.

By starting a Generation She College Club at your university, you will inspire high school students to enter the business world. Through hosting your very own Generation She Makeathon, you will develop crucial leadership skills and gain practical experience that will help you stand out when applying for your dream job!

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Why Start a Generation She College Club?


Be leaders

Organize and host Makeathons in your own community.


Align with our values

Plan and facilitate events that further Generation She's mission of

closing the gender gap in the current leadership landscape.


Build individual skillsets

Gain leadership and practical skills that prepare you for your career goals!


Connect with like-minded leaders

Join the Generation She family and gain access to an exclusive global network.


How can I start a club?⚡️


Submit an application to us below.

Apply to the College Clubs program


Recruit like-minded leaders on your college campus.

Assemble your team


Register with your school.

Get access to the Onboarding Packet which will aid you in kickstarting your club. Be sure to follow your school's guidelines!


Start planning your Makeathon!

Collaborate with your team to bring your Makeathon goals to life.

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College Clubs FAQ

What differentiates Generation She College Clubs from other clubs?

The Generation She College Club focuses on girls and non-binary students in entrepreneurship + leadership at all skill levels. All Gen She College Club members will become leaders, working together to create resources for high school students who are starting their professional journey. Through planning and executing a Makeathon, Gen She college clubs are focused on developing key collaboration and communication skills, as well as being part of a network of leaders and like-minded peers taking ambitious steps forward in their future careers.

Where can I find more information about what it takes to start a College Club?

Email for the Onboarding Packet! In this wonderful resource, you will find all the vital information to start your club.

What does a Generation She Makeathon look like?

Check out our Makeathon page to learn more about how our Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Global Makeathon went. There is also a more extensive FAQ about the specific event logistics at the bottom of the page.

How do I join a club near me?

As of right now, we're looking for leaders to kickstart our College program and start their very own Gen She college chapter on their campus. If you're interested, please fill out an application here to start one at your school!